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Compliance and Financial Reports

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ERA's Compliance & Reporting Analyst works in collaboration with ERA management, the SoE Director of Finance, and the Senior Associate Dean of Administration to produce a variety of ad hoc and routine reports that support the SoE. These reports help to monitor adherence to Stanford, federal and sponsor policies pertaining to research administration as well as monitor and analyze awards managed by ERA.

For questions and more information, please contact:
Sean CollinsCompliance & Reporting Analyst
Frank CastañedaTraining Specialist

Compliance Reports

AP Default Suspense

Purpose: to clear expenditure expenses (other than salary)

Frequency: 1st of each month/as needed for FY close

Salary Suspense

Purpose: to clear salaries that have hit 

Frequency: when salary charges post in Oracle (schedule tied to payroll); as needed for sweeps

ERA & Dean's Office Suspense

Purpose: to identify salary balances from non-sponsored accounts that need to be cleared

Frequency: 8th of each month

W Account Reports

Purpose: to alert ERA staff of cost sharing and University Research accounts that need to be funded

Frequency: 90 days before FY close (June; and then as needed)

Quarterly Certification Check

Purpose: to monitor receipt of certifications (overseer)

Frequency: quarterly/ 15th of February, May, August, November; Daily during final 2 weeks

Equipment Near Award End Date

Purpose: to identify equipment purchases during the last three months of the award to assist in the closeout process

Frequency: quarterly/15th of January, April, July, October

PI Effort Internal Audit 

Purpose: to ensure that PI effort is being managed in order to meet sponsor commitments

Frequency: quarterly/15th of January, April, July, October

Proposal Volume Dashboard

Purpose: to share volume/dollars by SoE department: Proposal Volume Dashboard

Frequency: live data feed from SeRA/Table

Financial Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting Requests

Purpose: sponsored research activity for any purpose 

Frequency: as requested

Department Expense Reports

Purpose: sponsored research totals for departmental review

Frequency: as needed

SoE Sponsored Research Budget

Purpose: prepare sponsored research budget for next fiscal year

Frequency: June/July

SoE Mid Year Variance/ Projection

Purpose: to compare actuals vs. budget amounts and adjust mid year projections/forecast next fiscal year for budget office

Frequency: March

SoE End-of-Year Variance

Purpose: to prepare narrative for Stanford university budget book/difference between budget and actuals for the previous fiscal year

Frequency: October