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ERA Compliance Services

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Sean Collinsis ERA's Compliance & Reporting Analyst, responsible for monitoring the overall compliance and successful auditing of SoE grants and contracts. The Compliance Analyst also provides effective research policy interpretation and implementation, and participates in the development of new research policy guidelines. As a member of an integrated team of experts, the Compliance Analyst works in collaboration with ERA management, faculty and department managers.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Monitors and/or reports on SoE compliance with the University's research administration policies and guidelines.
  • Partners with ERA management to monitor compliance and assure quality control. This includes polices/guidelines related to faculty effort, expenditure statement certification, cost sharing, closeouts, etc. Guides RAs in developing plans to manage overdrafts and accelerated spending.
  • Oversees the monthly review and quarterly certification process.
  • Works in tandem with ERA’s Training Specialist to provide guidance and training to the RAs in post-award policy interpretation, problem-solving, and making recommendations for action and follow-up. Collaborates with RAs and Principal Investigators needing assistance with complex contract/compliance issues. 
  • Assists RAs in working through compliance issues with OSR. Assists RAs in post-award policy interpretation, Stanford procedures, audit-proofing transactions, problem-solving and making recommendations for action.
  • Designs and prepares reports, ad hoc and routine, to monitor adherence to Stanford, federal and sponsor policies pertaining to research administration.
  • Determines areas of moderate to high risk, runs reports to monitor and analyze awards for ERA.