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About ERA

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How We're Organized

ERA reports into the Dean's Office, Administration and Finance:  ERA Organizational Chart. Each Principal Investigator (PI) in the School of Engineering is supported by a Research Administrator (RA), for both pre- and post-award activities: PI/RA Assignments.

Csilla Csaplár, Director

Gina Liebig, Assistant Director

​Resource Team

Sean Collins, Compliance & Reporting Analyst

Frank Castañeda, Training Specialist 

Blythe Nobleman, Research Development Strategist & Editor

ERA ​Research Administration Teams

The ERA Durand Team supports the departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA), Material Science Engineering (MSE) and Chemical Engineering (ChemE).
Rick Wiechmann, Manager, Durand Team

The ERA Packard Team supports the Department of Electrical Engineering . 
Alicia Middleton, Manager, Packard Team 

The ERA Gates Team supports the department of Computer Science (CS) . 
Steve Stanghellini, Manager, Gates Team

The ERA Panama Team supports the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) .
Megan Hagquist, Manager, Panama Team

The ERA Science and Engineering Quad (SEQ) Team supports the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) .
Blanca Rebuelta, Manager, SEQ Team

ERA Partnerships

BioEngineering Schools of Engineering & Medicine

Office of Research Administration (ORA) Contacts 

Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (DoR) Directory

Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) Directory